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Expertise When You Need It

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Governance, Risk Mitigation and Compliance are very important strategic considerations but may NOT be your organization's core competency.

AppliedG2 understands that Governance, Risk Mitigation, Compliance and Security are important business topics but may not be your professional forte.  We are here to provide you the best advice so YOU can decide what practical steps to take in order to properly secure your business, reputation and other key assets.  Demonstration of proper corporate governance is a critical element for your business to establish customer trust, foster brand loyalty and mitigate the risks associated with expensive litigation and/or penalties associated with regulatory compliance violations.

Our precisely focused group delivers market leading security solutions to mid market customers that have to adhere to many of the same standards and guidelines as Global 1000 firms in their respective industry verticals.  Applying the knowledge of security best practices for both logical and physical assets protection, utilizing discrete projects without the fully loaded cost and burden of hiring FTEs is smart business for many clients.

The flexibility required of an organization’s processes, talent and infrastructure to support a specific growth strategy often is characterized by high intensity, short duration projects that are not always accurately matched to the skills sets of existing full time employees. Specialized skills combined with an objective view of steps that need to be completed to accelerate a growth transitions can often be more cost effectively handled by external subject matter experts.  Creating a baseline setup of security policies and procedures to support Business Continuity Planning is a great example of an important assignment that can be easily delivered via a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in a short duration engagement. It is more cost effective to complete this task quickly, utilizing a trusted partner, with on-going maintenance and updates provided on as ad hoc basis as a operating expense.  For most organizations this is dramatically cheaper than hiring and carrying the fully loaded cost of a Full Time Employee.

We can’t hand you a generic check list or recommend a business solution that will cover you in every circumstance. We would encourage you to leverage our deep experience in your industry, apply our knowledge of the constantly evolving types of threats and rapidly changing set of state, local, federal & industry regulations introduce risk in your daily operations.

Industry Certified and Results Driven

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Averaging 20 years experience and holding CISSP, CISM, CWSP, Certified Fraud & Digital Forensic Examiners credentials.


Staying current is critical in every field, but especially for security professionals.  Most team members have almost two decades of experience in their respective security domains. Our commitment to staying current and basing our recommendation on sound best practice fundamentals evident in certifications such as:


CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
CISM (Certified Information Systems Manager) 
CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)
CCFE (Certified Computer Forensics Examiner)
CWSP (Certified Wireless Security Professional)


Armed these internationally recognized credentials supplemented with many trips around the globe assisting  a broad range clients  we have also grown to understand that to truly master a topic you should know it well enough to teach it to others.  AppliedG2 places a very high value on our team’s ability to fill the role of educator and instructor.  The practical experience, formal education background and subject matter expertise for our management team is very diverse, but each has or is currently an instructor for their chose specialty.


Regulatory compliance, IT security, complex transactions, abstract data architectures protected by technical & procedural countermeasures that utilize elements of people, process, technology and facilities can be difficult to explain to a wide range of stakeholders.  We believe our commitment to formal education and further refining our understanding of these topics by being recognized by our peers as being qualified to teach others on how to competently address them is a unique differentiator that is tough to quantify but should be evident in the quality of our workmanship and clarity of communicating with each member of our team.

Business Professional Security Savvy

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Delivering compliance and asset protection solutions that achieve the right balance of cost and value.  The fundamental question for each organization hast to answer is “How much protection do we need?”   There are a number of factors to consider when developing a compliance and/or asset protection strategy for your business.  Depending on your industry some of the decisions have already been made for you; other decisions will be need to be adapted to meet your specific business needs.


AppliedG2 has a pragmatic approach to create an integrated view of the key elements that form the core of your security requirements baseline:

1)    Do you have an accurate, current inventory of the assets (people, places, data, trade secrets, processes, capital assets, or litigation triggering events) that require protection?
2)    What are the government (State, Local, Federal) mandates currently in place for your industry?
3)    What are the industry data privacy requirements your business must maintain as part of daily operation (e.g. credit card transactions, customer file & Personally Identifiable Information {PII})?
4)    What solutions, services or compensating controls to limit the risk to your business are in place to protect your key assets?
a.    Are they properly implemented?
b.    Are they periodically updated to address changes to threats or business needs?
c.    Do they meet the latest recommended technology standards?
d.    Are your employees current on the latest threats specific to your industry?
e.    Who would you be required to notify if they failed?
i.    Consider cost in terms of hard dollars, reputation, customer abandonment, in addition to civil and administrative penalties
5)    What plans have been put in place and tested to verify that if a substantial portion of your infrastructure or a business process was somehow rendered inaccessible that your business could continue to generate revenue and support customers until it was restored?
6)    Finally, if there was legal action taken against you for not properly protecting the organizations assets, would you current level of protection demonstrate
a.     Demonstrate the “duty of care” required to protect the asset based on its value and any associated the regulatory requirements  or guidelines
b.    Demonstrate reasonable adherence to “the prudent man rule” that requires someone in a similar role would know how to properly secure the organization’s assets and took proactive measures to protect them similar to others leaders in a similar position.

Most business owners have a basic understanding of where they stand for each of these fundamental, but very important questions. Every business will have a different degree of organizational capability to meet these six points. At AppliedG2, we make every effort to fully optimize the currently implement solutions and compensating controls prior to making any recommendations for changes to current operations.

For most business owners, there are areas of they know need immediate improvement. For others there is a legitimate requirement to create a business case to justify any significant operational changes or corresponding expenditures.  By utilizing state of the art examination tools, detailed assessments, current knowledge of regulatory requirements and by taking the time to understand what you want to address immediately with an eye on the organization’s long term growth initiatives we, can put together a plan that meets your budget and asset protection priorities.


Contact us and let us apply our (G2) security experience to your business.

Allegiance To You

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Compliance & Security can be confusing topics… getting good advice is sometimes tough to come by depending on who you ask.

AppliedG2 puts your business interests first. We can both benefit from a transparent exchange as we collaboratively develop a comprehensive strategy to protect your enterprise.  Being able to answer important questions like whether you should “buy or build” a security capability isn’t a loaded question for us. Knowing when to outsource, subscribe to a service (SaaS) provider or committing precious financial resources to bring a key capability in-house can all be viable options for solving certain security concerns. Being able to objectively weigh out pros and cons of a blended security strategy can be tricky. AppliedG2 can help you distill the options to address short term requirements as well as forward looking growth related concerns.

Welcome to AppliedG2

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AppliedG2 is a digital and physical security consulting firm providing a full suite of information security services, compliance assessments, digital forensics and asset protection services.

AppliedG2 utilizes industry best practices for logical & physical security to establish a baseline of policy, procedures & employee awareness programs enforced by best-in-class hardware and software solutions. This strategic approach to security relies on a comprehensive set of proactive deterrents and persistent compensating controls to protect the critical assets owned by or in the custody of our clients.

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