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Business Professional Security Savvy

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Delivering compliance and asset protection solutions that achieve the right balance of cost and value.  The fundamental question for each organization hast to answer is “How much protection do we need?”   There are a number of factors to consider when developing a compliance and/or asset protection strategy for your business.  Depending on your industry some of the decisions have already been made for you; other decisions will be need to be adapted to meet your specific business needs.


AppliedG2 has a pragmatic approach to create an integrated view of the key elements that form the core of your security requirements baseline:

1)    Do you have an accurate, current inventory of the assets (people, places, data, trade secrets, processes, capital assets, or litigation triggering events) that require protection?
2)    What are the government (State, Local, Federal) mandates currently in place for your industry?
3)    What are the industry data privacy requirements your business must maintain as part of daily operation (e.g. credit card transactions, customer file & Personally Identifiable Information {PII})?
4)    What solutions, services or compensating controls to limit the risk to your business are in place to protect your key assets?
a.    Are they properly implemented?
b.    Are they periodically updated to address changes to threats or business needs?
c.    Do they meet the latest recommended technology standards?
d.    Are your employees current on the latest threats specific to your industry?
e.    Who would you be required to notify if they failed?
i.    Consider cost in terms of hard dollars, reputation, customer abandonment, in addition to civil and administrative penalties
5)    What plans have been put in place and tested to verify that if a substantial portion of your infrastructure or a business process was somehow rendered inaccessible that your business could continue to generate revenue and support customers until it was restored?
6)    Finally, if there was legal action taken against you for not properly protecting the organizations assets, would you current level of protection demonstrate
a.     Demonstrate the “duty of care” required to protect the asset based on its value and any associated the regulatory requirements  or guidelines
b.    Demonstrate reasonable adherence to “the prudent man rule” that requires someone in a similar role would know how to properly secure the organization’s assets and took proactive measures to protect them similar to others leaders in a similar position.

Most business owners have a basic understanding of where they stand for each of these fundamental, but very important questions. Every business will have a different degree of organizational capability to meet these six points. At AppliedG2, we make every effort to fully optimize the currently implement solutions and compensating controls prior to making any recommendations for changes to current operations.

For most business owners, there are areas of they know need immediate improvement. For others there is a legitimate requirement to create a business case to justify any significant operational changes or corresponding expenditures.  By utilizing state of the art examination tools, detailed assessments, current knowledge of regulatory requirements and by taking the time to understand what you want to address immediately with an eye on the organization’s long term growth initiatives we, can put together a plan that meets your budget and asset protection priorities.


Contact us and let us apply our (G2) security experience to your business.