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Digital Forensics

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Despite every effort sometimes data breaches and asset compromises occur.  Recognizing and accepting this scenario is the first step in developing a response plan to address this critical event and effectively respond to it.  Many organizations and careers IT professionals have learned the hard lessons of adopting an ostrich “head in the sand” policy that can result in stiff financial penalties and harsh legal realities when investigations and evidence is not handled properly. AppliedG2 recommends that as part of your approved and tested Business Continuity Plan that you include responding to a Data Breach, Denial of Service or Initiation of a Forensics Investigation as “declared incidents” your organization knows how to undertake in a controlled fashion.  If you find your organization in the midst of a compromise, we can still help with damage control and proper evidence handling utilizing our industry certified forensic investigators.

There are a few things we want all our client’s to remember related to their Incident Response plans:   
1)    Test them under real world conditions and not just in conference room role playing sessions.
2)    There are very specialized skills, tools and techniques that you must develop and maintain to properly support a forensics investigation.
3)    Utilizing the proper hardware & software tools to gather evidence must meet the scrutiny of the courts not your management if the case goes to trial.
4)    A combination of evidence is often the most convincing so consider both IT and physical security safeguards when responding to an incident.

We have trained professionals to help you respond to an incident, but believe it is more prudent to proactively assist your organization in preparing a comprehensive Incident Response plan.  We have been involved in some major cases involving data breaches and compromises of entire network infrastructures.  Mitigating damage, providing candid options to executive management and handling every piece of evidence as if it will end up in court are just a few of the lessons learned we bring to the plan development and testing process.  Consider AppliedG2 as your trusted partner to develop, maintain and most importantly TEST your Incident Reponses program.

AppliedG2 is available to provide support for response to isolated internal events that require a discrete response and proper evidence handling for administrative or litigation support.