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Security & Risk Assessments

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AppliedG2 offers a wide range of security assessments using a wide range of data collection and analysis techniques.  As part of the scoping the project together our technical staff will explain the different types of security assessments that can be utilized to meet your specific needs. Some of the most common include:

Vulnerability Assessments – Analysis of operating environment and key security capabilities from within the network utilizing scanning tools and network traffic. This assessment is valuable in determining how an insider (employee, contractor, customer) might be able to exploit internal control weaknesses to access assets that are not required for normal business related functions.


External Penetration Assessment – Assesses the vulnerability of your network and the effectiveness of your perimeter protection mechanisms. It simulates how specific vulnerabilities could be exploited by unauthorized users to access your critical assets utilizing via your internet connection.


Industry Best Practice Assessment- Utilizing current guidance from industry, government and cooperative groups to develop a set of standards unique to your organization will serve as the baseline to evaluation organizational capabilities against.  Many customers rely on sources such as ISO 27000, Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS), NIST, HIPAA – HiTech Act, FIPS, DISA STIGs & Checklist, DoD Configuration & IAVA Management, Continuity of Operations and Incident Response to develop their own target set of standards to meet current regulatory compliance and corporate governance goals.


Contractual & International Obligation Assessment - In addition to the complicated matrix of industry and government requirements, many additional considerations involve the obligations created via everyday contracts and local business practices.  Accurately capturing obligations, terms & conditions and rights to inspect your business operations can have a significant material impact on your business.  By reviewing standard contracts, exception handing and the local operating environments global policies and capabilities can be adapted to meet the protection needs of the enterprise while mitigating breach of contract and local legal actions for compliance violations.


Industry Vertical Specific Assessments – AppliedG2’s deep operational expertise has allowed us to create assessments designed to meet specific regulatory compliance mandates. For example, our assessments can be tailored to meet a specific industry vertical requirement such as the N.C.U.A (National Credit Union Administration) Part 748 Security Program… and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance program.


Physical Security Assessments – AppliedG2 understands the most effective asset protection may include significant amounts of physical security.  By analyzing the integration of staff, procedural and physical safeguards to protect property, personnel and data assets a more complete capability assessment can be evaluated to mitigate operational risk.  All the firewalls, intrusion detection systems and malware protection in the world can’t prevent a savvy thief from picking up a server or locally attached storage device and walking out the door undetected.